The journey to unenlightenment…

Where does unenlightenment start I wonder and why? Is it so that poor tortured adults have to spend a life time trying to find themselves when they were born with the very answer that they spend their adult lives seeking? I was sent an article today on holding hands which made me consider this very […]

Great wisdom and where I find it

By Pearse Kelly Most of the great wisdom I have stumbled across has come not from academia, but from such unlikely sources as drunks, graffitti, pop songs and bumper stickers. My most recent gem is a bumper sticker that reads…. “We are not people having a spiritual experience, we are spirits having a people experience.” […]

The Pre-Trans Fallacy of Ken wilber

Here is the man himself describing the Pre-Trans Fallacy. The link below is to Part 2. Part 1 is entitled ‘Ken Wilber on Astrology and Pre/Trans Fallacy part 1’, but the link from Youtube is incorrect. Sorry. You should probably listen to Part 1 first.   I hope this will clarify the issues raised by […]